Oil bunkering business plan

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Investors cry foul over firm's oil bunkering scheme

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Bunkering is one such process on the ship which has been the reason for several accidents in the past. Bunkering on a ship can be of fuel oil, sludge, diesel oil, cargo etc. Bunkering of fuel or diesel oil requires utmost care and alertness to prevent any kind of fire accident or oil spill.

In this. Business Plan probunkers will design, build and operate a fleet of modern, eco-friendly LNG bunkering vessels to brace the ever-changing needs of global shipping. This innovative, multimillion USD global-scale bunkering project involves: Planning, Financing, Implementation, Operations and Sales.

Bunker plan made by the Chief Engineer is to be discussed and in some companies the plan is also sent to the owners for approval before starting the bunkering process.

The idea is that somebody superior has seen the plan to ensure that you will not overfill and keep the oil temperature in mind (say 50 degree Celsius). Anil Keswani, Head of Bunkering, East of Suez at GP Global, also commented, “We are pleased to expand our East of Suez operations to Korea with Robin on board.

The expansion in our Asia Pacific operations is aimed at strengthening GP Global's reach in the Bunkering business. Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Chubu Electric Power, Toyota Tsusho, and Nippon Yusen KK say they have started discussions to launch a business supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) to fuel ships.

Bunkering Oil in the Ship Depending on the size of the ship and speed at which it is designed to cruise, the capacity & number of bunker tanks are decided.

Typical capacities of bunker tank onboard ships are varying from cubic meters to as big as cubic meters.

Oil bunkering business plan
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