Facilitating a business planning meeting ideas

What is traditional planning workshop facilitation.

Conducting Lessons Learned-Toolkit & Templates

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How to Run a Great Annual Leadership Team Offsite Meeting.

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How to Run an Effective Strategic Planning Retreat

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Facilitating a Planning Workshop

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No, of energy not. It is your perspective as the leader to make this call. Experienced executives, directors of OD, senior HR leaders, division leaders, strategic planners and others who must manage the strategic planning process for a department or organization, as well as those who would like to become an internal or independent strategic planning facilitator/5(58).

Introduction to Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings is the sixth in a series of guides developed to bring information to coastal managers about the use of social science tools in their field of work. Decide the best strategic planning approach/process to use and customize it Create a committee of influencers to support you with assigned roles and accountabilities Develop the right agenda, establish realistic meeting guidelines and gain agreement/5(56).

I’ve been looking at Making Thinking Visible by Ritchhart & Church for ideas on facilitating group planning and learning sessions, and it compliments what you have suggested here.

– Best fit approach must be considered based on business size/maturity, practical realities, audience profile etc. – Understanding limits and realities (e.g.

Important things to know about facilitating planning; Explain the programme based on the different planning steps you will follow as agreed at the planning meeting. See the guide on Running a Campaign for ideas on how to analyse the situation and needs before planning a campaign.

Introduction to Planning and Facilitating Effective Meetings is the sixth in a series of guides developed to bring information to coastal managers about the use of social science tools in their field of work.

Facilitating a business planning meeting ideas
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Run a great annual Leadership Team Strategy Offsite Meeting