Eb5 business plans

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E-2 Visa Pathway to Green Card

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Investor’s Checklist for an EB-5 Compliant Business Plan

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DISCLAIMER: Pro Business Plans LLC is a business services company. It is not a licensed investment bank, law firm, or accounting firm. Business plans are not a legal solicitation for securities and do not serve the purpose of a private placement memorandum or SEC registration.

Overview Provides funds to businesses through the four Ben Franklin Technology Partners for access to capital, business expertise, technology commercialization services to advance the development of new technologies and for the generation, conservation, and transportation of alternative and clean energy.

Apply now for any US Visas - work or family visas. Temporary, non-immigrant visas and permanent residency (Green Cards) through Online Visas. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program USCIS administers the EB-5 Program.

Under this program, entrepreneurs (and their spouses and unmarried children under 21) are eligible to apply for a green card (permanent residence) if they. Taxation is the core of our practice – the premise on which our business started in At the beginning, the service only included preparation (mainly by hand!) and filing (by mailing via U.S.

Post Office!) of annual taxes – mainly for individuals.

Eb5 business plans
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