Business planning manager jdsu

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Our Planning and Business Excellence department is a key business planning partner and enabler that contributes to strategic business decision-making and collaboration with the business units across the Group for delivery of projects across Business Strategy, Business Development, Enterprise Performance Management and Business Planning.

Binary is currently hiring for positions to support their federal customers in financial management, business analysis, GFEBS support, information assurance, IT engineering, and more.

Services Delivery and Support. Detailed service and support (and operations) organizational (SSO) views by resources, territories and accounts. Most current SSO operations report, inclusive of activities, forecasts and performance metrics.

“JDSU is proud to continue supporting BT with innovative solutions to help ensure high quality IPTV service and to usher in its exciting BT Sport content reliably to subscribers,” said Sue Spradley, senior vice president and general manager of JDSU’s Network and Service Enablement business segment.

As our senior business development manager, his acute business acumen allows him to seek and developed many new business opportunities. With his natural ability to develop rapport with customers, it enabled him to quickly + connections.

Business planning manager jdsu
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